When drilling ahead and an influx has been identified as coming into the wellbore, part of the procedure to make the well safe is to shut down the mud pumps before closing the blowout preventer (BOP); otherwise we risk fracturing the previous casing shoe. However, when the mud pumps are turned off, the loss of dynamic friction (aka Equivalent Circulating Density [ECD]) causes the influx to flow into the well even faster, and it will continue to do so until the BOP is shut-in, and pressures have equalised in the wellbore.

Working closely with Finesse Control Systems, Safe Influx will be designing the Safe Supercharged Shut-in module. This module will minimise the volume of influx by following a synchronised shut-in sequence & protocol i.e., the mud pumps are turned off slowly, just before and as, the BOP is closing. This minimises the “loss in ECD” effect, which in turn minimises the influx volume/size, and results in a more manageable Well Control situation.

Several safety mechanisms will be in place to ensure the Leak Off Test value (LOT) at the previous casing shoe will not be exceeded, and therefore, ensure that well integrity is not compromised.

This module would require information from several pieces of rig equipment which need to be monitored, and control links to be made to manage the speed of the mud pump. This specific shut-in procedure cannot be achieved manually and is only possible with a unique automation process combined with Safe Influx Automated Well Control.

Contact us for further information on Safe Supercharged Shut-in or other modules at info@www.safeinflux.com