Automated Well Control.


Our proprietary technology uses advanced control algorithms to accurately monitor, detect and react to influxes. 


Leading-edge Technology

We aim to reduce influx size and mitigate blowouts. With Automated Well Control, you get more precise and faster response to a well control event. As a result, you can reduce well control risks and optimise operational performance.

When an influx is identified, Automated Well Control actively controls the rig, performing a series of commands to space out, stop the top drive, shut down the pumps and shut-in the BOP.The heart of the Automated Well Control system is a Programmable Logic Controller using very high-level components. Simple to install, an HMI screen is incorporated into an existing screen. Using control algorithms, the controller accurately monitors the parameters from existing sensor package and controls the existing rig equipment. 

Reliable automation for every well.

Whatever challenges your company faces, we aim to provide you with a tailored solution to support your operations.

With our Automated Well Control system, you can reduce the amount of time spent on well kill operations, which can lead to time and cost savings.

With our expertise, you can be assured that the most precise and accurate technology is being applied to protect your people, the environment, assets, and reputation.

Contact us to learn how our Automated Well Control can be applied in your operations.

You can view all of the Safe Influx videos on our YouTube channel

Key Features

Can be retrofitted to cyber or conventional rig, onshore and offshore regardless of location, water depth or well type.

Can be used by existing rig crew – no extra personnel.

Minimal additional equipment required. Simple and short rig installation process.


Shut-in times up to five times faster than conventional human interface methods.

We have additional modules that can also be implemented using the same technology covering all phases of well operations.

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