Automated Well Control.


Our technology is designed to reduce personnel exposure in well control by using automation to detect and react to an influx. 


Game-changing technology

Safe Influx Automated Well Control makes the well control process safer by enabling continuous monitoring of the well and managing influx flow automatically whilst drilling. Once it detects a kick, efficiently and flawlessly, the system performs a series of operations by taking control of the drilling equipment and shutting-in the well.  

All of this is done with machine code instructions enabling simultaneous commands to be issued and executed. The well and equipment control algorithms enable swift detection and shut-in of an influx, substantially reducing the volume of the influx.  

The system comprises a small unit and human-machine interface touch screen for the driller to configurate and operate. It is a tool to help the driller be more effective and accountable as he sets it up and, at any moment, can intervene to stop the automated sequence progressing. Rig personnel remain in charge.  

Peace of Mind 

Our proven technology reduces significantly the amount of time spent on well kill operations and can lead to time and cost savings. With our expertise, we can drive higher efficiency, increasing the probability of delivering challenging wells. A rig survey is always performed prior to installation. 

Rig installation is very simple. Installation and commissioning time is around two days. With careful planning,  it can be done offline.

Our clients can be assured that the best available technology is being applied to protect their people, the environment, assets and reputation.


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Key Features

Can be retrofitted to cyber or conventional rig, onshore and offshore regardless of location, water depth or well type.

Can be used by existing rig crew – no extra personnel.

Minimal additional equipment required. Simple and short rig installation process.


Shut-in times up to five times faster than conventional human interface methods.

Over 50 modules in development that can also be implemented using the same technology covering every facet of well construction and decommissioning operations.

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