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Safe Influx provides pioneering Automated Well Control solutions to the oil and gas industry. We use our proven technology to detect a kick, take control of the rig equipment to space out, shut down the pumps and top drive, and shut-in the BOP.



Technology Forward

With our vast experience and in-house technical capabilities, we aim to provide Automated Well Control for every aspect of well construction and even decommissioning operations.

Our Automated Well Control is currently designed for the drilling phase which also covers early tripping off bottom and back-reaming. It will be further developed with the addition of many further modules shortly.

Modules for tripping and connections are a high priority, as are the linking of the system to Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and client-chosen Early Kick Detection Systems (EKDS).

We are also looking at developing our own EKDS to combine all primary and secondary kick indicators in a fully automated process. A module will be developed to accurately and automatically identify the ballooning or breathing phenomenon which can be a major well control challenge in certain wells.

Another module will minimise the influx size even further by the controlled and gradual turning off of the mud pumps during the well shut-in process. Other modules will give well control protection during static and circulating operations, running and cementing casing strings and liners, and during liner inflow testing.

We plan to develop additional to deal with shallow gas, riser gas expansion scenarios, and even severe emergency situations. To date we have over 50 modules identified to augment our current capability.

Safe Influx system can be adapted to provide very effective bespoke solutions to particular and perhaps distinct well control problems. 

Key Benefits


Reduces human error in well control


Continuous monitoring


Faster shut-in with lower kick volumes


Significant safety enhancements for the driller




Enhanced environmental protection


More efficient well design

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