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News from 2020

Safe Influx and the Total Cost of Risk

In our collective experience, of nearly 100 years of working across eight Operators’ organisations, no well’s AFE has ever carried provision for blowouts nor for serious well control incidents. However, for the drilling of every well, series of wells or development,...

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OGV Podcast with Bryan Atchison

In this OGV Energy Technology and Innovation Podcast, Safe Influx Managing Director Bryan Atchison talks about our revolutionary Automated Well Control technology. Listen to the full interview here.

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Macondo ten years on – What’s changed?

The upstream petroleum industry stands alone in its resistance to change.  All other high-risk industries such as aviation, rail signalling, and nuclear industries have adopted automation to improve Process Safety and dramatically reduce the probability of a Major...

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The story behind Safe Influx

Unexpected events and experience along the way can change the course of one’s life. That’s what Safe Influx’s directors Bryan Atchison and Phil Hassard discovered after witnessing the worst ever offshore disaster in 1988. Industry tragedies motivate innovation Bryan...

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Offshore Achievement Awards

Safe Influx has been shortlisted in the Emerging Technology category at the forthcoming SPE Offshore Achievement Awards (OAA). The Emerging Technology Award recognises innovative technology ideas developed in the UK for the offshore energy sector, and Safe Influx is...

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News from 2019

Offshore Europe 2019 

Following the success of Offshore Europe, we would like to thank everyone who came along to Safe Influx stand. We are delighted that so many people...

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RGU Founders Showcase

Safe Influx was in the final of the 2019 RGU Founders Showcase. Our Managing Director Bryan Atchison made an impressive presentation on the benefits...

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Milestone achieved

A significant milestone was achieved in the development of Safe Influx Ltd on 24th June 2019.  The Intellectual Property Agreement was agreed and...

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System Detail Design

Detail designed system was completed in January. The system’s algorithms to control the equipment went through extreme continuous testing by using...

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News from 2018

Proof of Concept

Our co-founder and Technical Director Phil Hassard developed the idea of an Automated Well Control system. The concept was proven that the system is a new proprietary solution. It will dramatically reduce the human factor element in well controlled systems.

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