Following a series of Technology Qualification activities, Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology has received a Technology Qualification Certificate to traditional land rigs and achieved a classification of TRL 8 on the nine step Technology Readiness Level scale.

During the second week of October, Safe Influx has performed a successful field trial of the Automated Well Control system on a real rig, where Lloyd’s Register’s inspectors led Safe Influx through their Technology Qualification process. Following this rigorous assessment, Lloyd’s Register provided Safe Influx with a Technology Certification for the Automated Well Control technology, which enabled the existing Technology Qualification Certificate to be extended to traditional land rigs.

Last April, Safe Influx Automated Well Control had already been verified by Lloyd’s Register. A Technology Qualification process was conducted as part of the Factory and Site Acceptance testing using the simulator, and Safe Influx system received its first Technology Qualification Certificate.

Bryan Atchison, Co-founder and Managing Director at Safe Influx, said “Lloyds Register provide a service that critically analyses the Safe Influx Automated Well Control product.  The review, demonstration and Technology Qualification Certification provides an auditable process to demonstrate credibility for a unique product in the area of Well Control.”

Having proven this technology using a real world equipment and achieved the Technology Qualification Certificate, Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology is now available to the Oil & Gas industry.